Seat Your Guests

There are lots of ways to direct your guests to their allotted seats on the big day. Our most popular designs are single table plans that can be edited alphabetically or by table number. You can personalise them online in our Zazzle store. They will the be printed on card stock of your choice and then sent directly to you.

wedding seating plans on Zazzle

Our designs on Zazzle come in a range of shapes and sizes. After editing you can pick a size and shape such as tags as well as choose from some quality card stock with different finishes. These are 5” x 7” but there are both smaller and larger sizes available.

Most of our designs have matching top or head table signs

There are lots of ways to display your seating charts, maybe hung on an easel or using ribbons that match your wedding colour theme.

Elegant and chic blue themed wedding.

Our greenery designs are popular with their modern informal swash font, and the watercolor illustrations were painted by me in the studio ensuring they are unique to The Stationery Concierge.

Also available as a top table or had table header sign.

Check out the wedding seating collection in our Zazzle shop