Baby Shower

Chic Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Introducing our popular design collection of minimalist baby boy shower stationery. Featuring tiny blue hearts and an informal modern font, this set is available for you to personalise on Zazzle and then get it printed and sent directly to your home.

minimalist oh baby boy shower invitation by The Stationery Concierge available to edit on Zazzly

The centrepiece to this collection is the main invitation, shown here at 5″ x 7 “. What’s great about this is that Zazzle also offers some alternatively shaped cards to choose from after you have finished personalising them. There’s even a custom blue envelope available separately which matches all the invitations.

minimalist chic baby boy shower invitations on Zazzle

Take a look at some of these favor gift extras including tags, stickers, book request and diaper raffle cards – they’re all featured in the collection!

How about a guest welcome poster? Zazzle has arrange of sizes with some lovely paper and card stock to choose from.

editable baby boy shower welcome poster

Of course, you may be having a barbecue or baby sprinkle instead, we’ve got those covered too!