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The Irish Connection

‘Fresh Breeze’ by Laurie Moses – oil on board (6′ x 16″)

My great-great-grandmother was from Belfast in Northern Ireland, that’s my only blood link to the country but I love visiting it nevertheless. I have spent a lot of time over the years painting in Ireland especially in the south in the area around West Cork.

I’m currently reading an old book by H.V. Morton called “In Search Of Ireland“, it was written in 1935, so pre-war obviously but fascinating, as the author who was an English Daily Express journalist, took a slow walk through cities, towns and villages as well as the countryside to seek out the real character of the Irish.

Although a modern country now, many traditions are still very much loved especially around Saint Patrick’s day of course, the Irish love their art, ancient and modern and so do I. That’s why I decided to do some illustrations for some modern celebration and wedding stationery with an Irish styled influence.

I drew up a version of a Celtic knot that I liked on textured watercolour paper and used some Derwent Inktense watercolour pigments to illustrate the areas of the design using a fine paintbrush.

Here you can see work in progress and the finished version at the top of this post. I like the range of greens that the Inktense gives and I use the blocks rather than the pencils so I can mix them more easily.

The other things I painted were some green hearts in order to construct some Irish Shamrocks. I use these extensively in my collection of Irish themed wedding stationery templates.

An old West Cork window
Folded wedding program template.
‘After The Squall’ by Laurie Moses. oil on board (6″ x 16″)