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Free Funeral Program Template

funeral template to edit in google docs

Are you used to working with Google Docs for your word processing? If so we have a free classic funeral program template for you which is easy to edit online from within your own personal Google Drive™ account.

It’s a double sided program that you edit & print from within your browser, then fold to make a pamphlet. Its a free version of the range we design (and sell through our store on Etsy’s online marketplace)

free funeral template from The Stationery Concierge

Using Google Drive’s word processor is similar to editing with popular word processors but it’s free to edit with online without paying for extra software .(Google Chrome or the Google Drive app is recommended). Perhaps you already use it at work and therefore are familiar with the editor. We have designed these templates using Google Slides as they have plenty of features such easily adding a border to a photograph and a great range of licensed Google fonts.

free funeral program template

In this image of the front and back of the program, you can see we have set up guides (which don’t print) which enable you to center the text boxes properly.

Get it here!

free folded funeral program template by the stationery concierge

These templates are printed both sides on regular US Letter sized paper or cardstock which gives a folded size of 8.5″ x 5.5″ after printing – you will need to print at 100% – click here for two sided printing tips.

free funeral folded program template

We have a two ranges of folded template, classic with various crosses and borders, and premium with full color illustrations such as this one ideal for an Irish themed service.

Irish shamrock funeral program template
Google Doc template for Folded Funeral Program
Google Doc template for Folded Funeral Program

Two sided printing can easily be done at home or in the office – as long as you get the paper feed the correct way round. We always advise doing some test sheets on cheap paper first! See our blog post for more on this topic.

how to print two sided at home by the stationery concierge

A few reasons to use Google Drive to edit are that it’s free, easily accessible on any device, and you can share the template with family if you are collaborating on the program. Oh, and you can keep the copy to edit and download as many times as you want!