Amazon Meal Planner notebook

Meal Planner Notebook

52 meal planner notebook

Useful meal planner journal with 52 two page spreads, week starting Sunday. Customisable grocery list plus space to jot down meal suggestions. Favorites page and take-out nights contact list. Special celebratory days scheduling.

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weekly meal planner notebook

On the left is the weekly meal planner, on the right space for suggestions and ideas. Customise your shopping list headings depending on each weeks grocery requirements.

Use a pencil so you can make alterations

Likes and dislike reminders can be put in to the favorites page at the back. Next to this is a handy contacts list page, useful for keeping all your take-out night or restaurant details.

weekly meal planner notebook
weekly meal planner notebook

There’s also some handy double page spreads for high days and holidays with plenty of room for extra catering. So if you have a special celebration you can plan well in advance of the occasion.